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Dazzle Ships Live at the Museum of Liverpool

Our PledgeMusic store has now closed. However there are a few ways to still enjoy the live release. A small number of CD/DVD/Book packages are available directly from the Museum of Liverpool store while stocks last. The audio of the show is available to download from iTunes or stream on Spotify.


Martin’s thoughts on the Dazzle Weekend

The concert in the Museum of Liverpool was one I was looking forward to. I also felt a certain amount of anxiety as the date approached. It was the first time the band had played together for 18 months and the show, with its Dazzle Ships theme, featured songs which we hadn’t performed for many years . It was also the first time in over 30 years that I had been on stage…


Andy’s speech at the Dresden Prize, 14th February 2015

Perhaps you are wondering why two guys from Liverpool are here in Dresden today? Please let me tell you our story.   Liverpool gave…


Moods, Memories and other Manoeuvres

Copies of Julia Kneale's book "Moods Memories and other Manoeuvres" can be purchased here.  The book contains many insights into the early years of OMD including the days with The Id. 


Andy guest blog on Museum of Liverpool website

Andy has done a guest blog on the Museum of Liverpool site about the forthcoming Dazzle Ships shows. Read here