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Junk Culture Reissue

Junk Culture will be reissued as a deluxe edition (via Universal Music) on 2nd February 2015. It is available to pre-order now from here.


First 2015 live announcement

 We shall be playing Retro Pop in the Netherlands on 13th June 2015. More information is available here. Due to Malcolm's ongoing…


Freak Zone

Dazzle Ships was the featured album on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on BBC Radio 6 Music last night. Listen back here.  Tracks from Dazzle Ships were featured throughout the duration of the programme.


Dazzle Films

An instrumental part of the Dazzle Weekend at the Museum of Liverpool was the four Dazzle Films shown in the Theatre across the weekend. All four films are available to watch online.  Film 1: Razzle Dazzle - The Hidden Story of Camouflage Film 2: Maharishi: DPM BAMDAZZLE Film 3: The Testing Theatre Film 4: Dazzle Ships (Parts I, IV, V & VI) We are…

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Moods, Memories and other Manoeuvres

Copies of Julia Kneale's book "Moods Memories and other Manoeuvres" can be purchased here.  The book contains many insights into the early years of OMD including the days with The Id.