She's Leaving cover (rec. '92)

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She's Leaving cover (rec. '92)

Postby stuhuggett » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:54 pm

Reading the recent anniversary feature about Architecture & Morality on The Quietus reminded me to dig out this old cover of She's Leaving that the band (Duplo) I was in at college once taped (back in May 1992).

We didn't really know all the words, so had to guess at them, and there's a fair few missed notes too (blame me, on keyboards). We just recorded it live onto tape in my bedroom in St Leonards, East Sussex (actually, we made about 4 or 5 consecutive attempts at it that afternoon, but the tape snarled up later on our bass player's hi-fi, and this was the only take that survived).

Apart from putting out a few tapes on our own label, Duplo never got out of our local area. Lee (vocals) eventually had a 7" out (as Rashamon) on the Highpoint Lowlife label, and later became a stand up comic. My brother Michael (rhythm guitar here) still records electronic music under several names (usually Frontier Telegraph), which we sometimes do CD-R releases of on my subsequent Dizzy Tiger label. Daniel (guitar) and Paul the bass player (who wasn't around on the afternoon we taped this cover) don't play much music these days, while I got into journalism in the end (including the odd piece for The Quietus, which brings this post full circle).

Ok, enjoy (possibly)!


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