it's fantasy and very hilarious

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it's fantasy and very hilarious

Postby djpamm30 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:36 pm

hello everybody.

I'm still laughing.
This afternoon my 7 year old daughter Enya came out of school and bring some work and drawings home.

and one of them was this fantasy drawing.

She told us that there were 2 half eggs in the forest and in the eggs are 2 fantasy animals.They have the neck and feet from a giraffe,a tail of a lion and a beak of a duck and they are called Paul(H) and Andy (MC).
I thought It was a joke that she called the 2 fantasy animals to them,but she said:" no,mummy that is not a joke"

hahahahahaha I'm still laughing about it.


I didn't hope that Andy is gonna watching this page. (pffffff,hahaha)
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