Which bands have you bought tickets to see in 2016?

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Re: Which bands have you bought tickets to see in 2016?

Postby REVO » Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:36 pm

Last night I saw Centrozoon in the first "house concert" I've ever attended. Pretty nice! Warr guitar improv by Markus Reuter with synths and loops from Bernhard Wöstheinrich. I went because Reuter was a Guitar Craft graduate of Robert Fripp and he also played in Tony Levin's band Stickmen. That was reason enough for me.
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Re: Which bands have you bought tickets to see in 2016?

Postby suec » Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:59 pm

Seen erasure last week, fan gig was fabulous!
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Re: Which bands have you bought tickets to see in 2016?

Postby Pacific Ager » Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:43 am

This year going to grass roots level in Liverpool, watching brilliant up and coming bands:
Oranj Son at District, October 2016
Youth Hostel at District, Parr St x 2, Zanzibar
Red Rum Club Parr Street, Zanzibar.

The Farm at St Georges, benefit gig.
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Re: Which bands have you bought tickets to see in 2016?

Postby martyn » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:46 am

Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Indianapolis on 7 December

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Re: Which bands have you bought tickets to see in 2016?

Postby BlackPaperCrown » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:57 am

It is time for my traditional annual overview of the of the year. 2016 was not as busy as last year

Number of gigs 242, seeing 609 performances

Number of different bands and artists seen 433

Great acts I saw multiple times
WHITE (11)
BooHooHoo (10)
Start Static (9)
Rachel Sermanni (8)
Harriet (7)
Other Humans (6)
Rosie Bans (6)
Emme Woods (5)
Kat Healy (5)
Noah Noah (5)
TeenCanteen (5)

Popular venues for gigs (with number of shows seen)
69 bands across 21 gigs at KING TUT'S WAH HUT in GLASGOW
34 bands across 14 gigs at ELECTRIC CIRCUS in EDINBURGH
39 bands across 13 gigs at SNEAKY PETE'S in EDINBURGH
21 bands across 7 gigs at O2 ABC in GLASGOW

My top 20 most entertaining gigs of the year are (in alphabetical order)
BooHooHoo at Nice 'N' Sleazy in Glasgow. This was their EP launch and they are such a great live band. There is so much energy and fun in their shows. This band are my hot tip for the future. Buy their USB wristband EP and see them live - you will not regret it
Catholic Action at The Bungalow in Paisley. A rare find is a rock band who are great, entertaining and have superb songs. Catholic Action tick all the boxes
Elle Exxe at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh. She is such a star in the making. Watch out for her
Honeyblood at Electric Circus in Edinburgh. They are at their peak with the release of their second album
Hurts at O2 Academy in Glasgow. I did not expect them to smash it, especially as the gig was barely half full but they did. Their stage presence is incredible
Ian McNabb at Admiral Bar in Glasgow. His solo shows are an absolute joy to attend
Jess And The Bandits at The Sage in Gateshead. Country Rock is not normally my thing but this band are as tight as a button
Kate Jackson at Think Tank in Newcastle. She is such an incredible singer and this was a rare live outing for her. Wonderful
My Life Story at The Borderline in London. This band are still fantastic even 30 years on. Amazing
Nerina Pallot at Oran Mor in Glasgow. When she plays a great show it is fantastic. The Glasgow crowd helped catapult this head and shoulders above her English shows
Noah Noah at Electric Circus in Edinburgh. These are a band to watch for the future. Really good catchy pop songs with a brilliant stage presence too
Norma Jean Martine at Lexington in London. Her voice alone is worth the ticket price. She is such a nice person too
Nothing But Thieves at Hydro in Glasgow. They were supporting Muse and they were 100 times better. They are such a great live band
The Cut at O2 ABC in Glasgow. Another new band to watch. Goth Pop with astonishing attitude
The Icicle Works at Komedia in Brighton. A truly great live band, truly great songs and they played for 3 hours. Fantastic
The Maine at O2 ABC in Glasgow. They are always worth seeing live. Superb songs and a great show
The Struts at Dingwalls in London. You just cannot stay still nor quiet at these gigs. Luke has you clapping along, singing along and fully taking part right from the start. Always a brilliant fun gig
Twist Helix at O2 Academy in Newcastle. Yes, another new band and not normally my scene but their brand of electro-pop is wonderful
WHITE at O2 ABC in Glasgow. This was the gig of their life. With full strings and a saxophone, this was totally amazing. Not bad for the 23rd time I have seen them!

but the one that tops the lot is Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark at Royal Albert Hall in London. This was their best gig ever and the most spectacular light show I have ever seen. That gig was totally perfect

And the biggest disappointment
Heart I am sorry Ann & Nancy and I know the initial sound problems were not your fault but you played for barely 90 minutes and your three song encore was you doing Led Zeppelin covers. That is not what I wanted to hear when you write so many great tunes yourself

How many bands or artists did I meet afterwards?
117 (grabbing every chance I could to thank them for their gigs)

Some first time ever sees (after knowing about them for some or for many years)
Bryan Adams (a great entertainer)
FM (as bland as you might expect from AOR)
Heart (see below)
Idlewild (I am not sure what the fuss is all about)
Jean Michel Jarre (entertaining light show but as it is all instrumentals, he has to pad out his show to keep your interest)
Joshua Radin (Canadian; guitar player; girls love him)
Muse (they were totally bored on stage - I can understand why)
Oh Wonder (a lot of fuss about dull songs)
Owen Paul (really entertaining and he has a superb sense of humour. I am so glad I have finally seen him live)
Penetration (still rocking, even if I really did now know their songs)
Pugwash (deemed the next Beatles. Hmm, not an accolade that would make me want to see them again)
S Club (it was just two of them. Hey ho, it was at a festival)
Steve McCrorie (he might well have The Voice, but he sings dull songs)
The Joy Formidable (a surprisingly good show)
Tom Butler (again another dull singer)

A few other notable events
I went to my first every pop star memorial service, for Colin Vearncome in Liverpool
I appear in a full length movie documentary about people who travel to see gigs, this one being for Nerina Pallot. It is due for general release in 2017
I attended the filiming of Panic Room's live DVD in London
I am a fully paid up member of the world's first crowd-funded record label Last Night From Glasgow

One last point
this year was notable for people raving about exceptionally bland music. Why has it come to the point where mediocrity is deemed fantastic? All the new bands I have seen are bringing energy, passion and real talent to live music yet are being ignored. Whereas, the existing exceptionally dull bands and artists sell out huge venues based on safe and boring songs. Wake up people, music is meant to be exciting

But, to leave it on a nice note, a big thank you to all the great bands, talented artists and the new live acts that were playing their heart out live for us all in 2016. There is a whole host of wonderful live bands out there - go to see them whenever you are able
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