My YouTube channel is as good as empty

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My YouTube channel is as good as empty

Postby BlackPaperCrown » Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:48 pm

This evening I received two copyright strike notifications from YouTube. What happened was a local musician lodged copyright infringement on my videos of them playing a few songs live in a local venue in 2014. These videos I had taken myself and uploaded but only now has the artist decided that this breaches their copyright.

The irony of this is that the local young artist in question had previously made a really good living by loading up cover versions of other peoples' songs and was being paid handsomely by YouTube for the vast number of views that those song received. However, the videos were suddenly taken down as the artist was presumably caught by the owners of the songs. They still have 12 covers uploaded but maybe these are ones that they actually gained permission to record.

In YouTube land, you are only allowed three strikes and then you can be fined, sued and (apparently the ultimate sanction) have your YouTube account deleted. So, to stop any more strikes I have unloaded the remaining 220 of my videos that I had left, apart from one - the one about finding a frog in my garden. Well, at least it was my frog! Have a look here -> frog video

As it was, I had pretty much stopped loading live videos on YouTube anyway because it took so long and it really did not enhance my life. Some folk liked them but most were barely watched. Some people did not even read the comments when I said this was the only video I took at a concert and persistently asked if I had more video (eh, no!)

However some of my videos were rare OMD clips. For example, I had a short snippet of International taken at the Royal Albert Hall in 2016 and I had videoed the ultra rare occurrence of Andy singing Souvenir, taken when Paul was ill and he missed Rewind Scotland in 2015. So, those videos are no longer available either just in case OMD slap a copyright infringement on me.

That pretty much marks the end of my active use of YouTube. I am not sad. It is funny how people refer to YouTube as a "social" media when it is just another method by which the big companies make money, primarily Google, who own it.

Thank you for reading this and now you might want to check your own uploads to see which ones have possible copyright infringement. Go into "My Channel" then click on "Video Manager" and look for "Includes copyrighted content" against your videos. Those are the ones you should change to "unlisted". Don’t say I did not warn you!
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Re: My YouTube channel is as good as empty

Postby REVO » Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:50 pm

Well, I have not used Google products since the summer of 2011. Welcome to the party.
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