Does the band receive our money when we buy their music?

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Does the band receive our money when we buy their music?

Postby BlackPaperCrown » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:25 am

This is an interesting article posted yesterday by Rusty Egan about the mess that Visage it here

It begs the question, as music consumers we like the songs and as fans we also care about the artists who made it. But, should we boycott it if the artist does not actually receive our money? How do we know that a band was ripped off without the artist themselves telling us? It seems like the only thing we can do is vote with our wallets. But, we don't want to because we like the music. What a dilemma.

The grudge about how Visage has been treated is still festering away within Rusty's gut but he is trying to be adult about it and let it pass. Still, it is good to know that while music past and present seems to be all nice and simple on the outside, the underlying business model is far from perfect.
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