How do you enjoy your gigs?

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How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby BlackPaperCrown » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:45 pm

I was reminded of this when thinking back to the Rewind Scone gig. I was standing about 3 rows of bodies from the front while both Belinda Carlisle and then Kim Wilde were playing and some drunk guy beside me and a drunk woman behind me both decided that I was not in the party mood enough because I was not throwing my arms in the air, waving like I just don’t care. Obviously they felt this was how you should enjoy a concert.

This is not me. But they decide to lift my arms up in the air and wave them for me. Given they were drunk (the people, not my arms) I gave them a bit of slack but I made it clear I was not comfortable doing this. Eventually they got the hint.

I enjoy my gigs immensely but I do this by standing there and moving or bouncing to the music where necessary. I am primarily there to listen and watch. I will clap and cheer once the song is over and if it is a song I knew well, I will have been singing along to it too. If it is one that needs audience participation, I will have my arms up in the air at the right moments (Sister Marie Says, Joan Of Arc, Maid Or Orleans) but not every second of the gig.

One thing that people will see from me is that I will otherwise stand there with my arms loosely folded during songs. This is mainly because my arms having nothing more they need do. It does not mean I am not enjoying it nor does it mean I am bored out of my tiny mind. I am enjoying the gig. I don’t drink at concerts so my sober nature will not make me loosen up and make a fool of myself.

It is a bit annoying when drunk people think you should be doing more. I actually suddenly shut them up when Kim sang Never Trust A Stranger, which is her best song ever and there is a funny irony of that title in this situation, but I sang along to every single word at the top of my voice and the drunk people were standing there totally stunned. They did not expect that from me! Also, they had never heard that song before. Goodness me, where have they been? That was funny. But we all made up by the final song when we all chanted together “We’re the kids; we’re the kids; we’re the kids of America” As you do

So, how do you enjoy your gigs?
Do you throw shapes on the dance floor right from the start?
Do you stand like a stookie and not even clap?
Do you sit in your seat and grumble about the folk in front of you standing up?
Do you stand at the bar watching from a distance but are more concerned with downing pints because you are “out to enjoy yourself”?
Do you hold loud and persistent conversations with your mates, trying to out do the band?
Are you up front, leaping away at every sound?
Are you only there because your partner dragged you along, yet again?

How do you enjoy your gigs?
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Miochoco » Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:37 pm

BlackPaperCrown wrote:
Do you stand at the bar watching from a distance but are more concerned with downing pints because you are “out to enjoy yourself”?


I will never understand how people buy a concert ticket
to see their favorite bands and go to the bar (20 times) to drink beer while his favorite singer is singing ??? No, I will never understand.

(... is like going to pee when you go see a movie in a movie theater ... nan, nan)

At the concert, I love singing and clapping in the front rows and to be in the mood.

By cons, I can stay calm and in the back of the room if the concert is visual
(Ex: PSB "Electric tour" I think it was better to see it from a distance) And then Andy involved the public and that makes all the charm of OMD concert ... you have fun like a crazy ... It's a showman Andy ;¤)
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Jabberwocky » Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:47 pm

People are entitled to enjoy it however they wish. I'd have been annoyed if some half-wits tried to make me enjoy it their way, however.

I've never got the 'going to see a concert, but will just get drunk/stuff my face' people either. I went to see Leonard Cohen at Kilmainham a few years back, and the atmosphere was all but ruined by the drunks, the eaters and one obnoxious lady chatting on her phone as Cohen was reciting one of his poems. The other days had been a great atmosphere from what I gathered, but it was just nasty that day. Fights and everything. Pissed it down as well.
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Vickey » Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:05 am

I'm with you on the drunk people!! A few drinks to lighten your mood/relax I can understand and have a couple of wines pre gig myself but get so slaughtered that you can't stand straight, falling over, it's horrible. If these people could see themselves on video the next day, I bet they would be embarrased.

I agree that everyone is entitled to enjoy their gigs the way they like but I have personally never understood buying a concert ticket and then wanting to sit throughout? Do you dance sitting down? No. Then why watch your favourite band sitting down? It's not the cinema?
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby PaulJ » Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:51 pm

What bugs be the most is the distraction of the myriad people holding up phones, cameras & even iPads videoing the gig. Should be banned Urrrrrgh!
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Lee D » Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:07 pm

I've seen some funny moments with people drinking at gigs. One guy at an OMD Gig in Liverpool in their comeback year was so drunk he fell asleep on the seat next to me even before the boys came on. Then there was the Simple Minds gig at Manchester Arena when OMD supported them. A girl was so drunk her leg went down the gap behind the seat in front and she fell arse over tit and spilt her drink.

At another Simple Minds gig earlier this year at Manchester Apollo, there was a drunken couple dancing and just as a guy was passing with 3 pints of beer, the girl of the couple threw her arms up to sing along and one of the glasses (plastics?) shot out of the poor guy's hand and another glass lost half its contents. To be fair, it was hard to decide who was at fault for that one. Mr 3 Beers should have known better.

Personally I don't like to drink a lot at gigs.

1) its way too expensive (Mr 3 Beers must have lost about £7.50's worth of drink)
2) I'd only end up going to the loo all the time, or if I was in the middle of a row, then end up bursting and wishing it was over (which ends up happening anyway after just 1).
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby taoyoyo » Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:40 pm

PaulJ wrote:What bugs be the most is the distraction of the myriad people holding up phones, cameras & even iPads videoing the gig. Should be banned Urrrrrgh!

I have mixed views on this. :)

It's the physical v experience memory thing... I've always been one for being completely in the moment at gigs, soaking up the atmosphere and feeling the music (sometimes I'll just close my eyes for a while)... the memory is engrained as an experience. Taking pictures/videos is a distraction.

Others like to have a physical memory of the evening (or just like taking photos/video?). But with the advent of cell phones and people's obsession with Social Media it has gotten worse... there's a video up on YT of the last PSB tour and it's like a sea of iPhones in the audience. Crazy!

On the other hand, someone uploaded 'International' and 4-Neu' from the concert last year (that I couldn't attend, wrong side of the world etc) and it made my day, so it's swings and roundabouts?

I'm wondering if people's reasons for going to gigs (and their relationship with music in general) hasn't changed over the years or whether it's always been like this (some die-hard music heads, most 'wa-hey, it's a night out'!)
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby PaulB » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:16 pm

I think discretion is the key word here. People who hold up mobiles for almost the entirety of the concert are the absolute worst - particularly when they're in the middle of a venue.

I've filmed at gigs myself, but I only do it if I'm in strategic positions (balcony or stagefront) where you're going to get a decent picture - and also not going to obscure anyone's point of view.

Absolutely no idea why some OMD fans were filming the Museum of Liverpool gig. Everyone know the concert was being filmed professionally for release.
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Orchmeister » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:39 am

PaulB wrote:...Absolutely no idea why some OMD fans were filming the Museum of Liverpool gig. Everyone know the concert was being filmed professionally for release.

a) Filming it on your own mobile phone means you don't need to buy the DVD

b) Having seen the 'official' result I've seen better YouTube clips from mobile phones

c) Some people are happy to share their experience for free and not for profit!

Simples! ;-)
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Mark C » Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:41 pm

I have to say I do not get why you would stand and film at a concert. Maybe your song or two, I guess, but I thought the whole reason to attend was to 'experience' the gig - music, lights, etc.

There is always someone filming so you don't need to! And how often to you watch it back anyway?

Grumpy Orchmeister - I cannot understand how you can say that YT footage is better than the official release!?!
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Re: How do you enjoy your gigs?

Postby Paul McAllister » Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:16 am

I hate people that whoop and wail,and yell/scream "yeah" etc through every song-especially if it`s something fairly quiet or acoustic.
Shut up and let everybody hear the fecking song!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to whoop and wail,and shout a load of crap at the top of your voice,then go to a football game or rodeo!

It`s a real pain in the ass for the audience AND the performers.
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