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We're looking for feedback from our PledgeMusic campaign. It would be really appreciated if you could post your feedback via this link - it will help us decide whether to repeat the process in future. Thanks to everyone who has supported our DVD release.


Live at the Museum of Liverpool - Released today

Our new live CD/DVD "Dazzle Ships Live at the Museum of Liverpool" is released today. We are very proud of this release which documents a very special weekend at the Museum of Liverpool last year. If you had not already ordered your copy, the store will remain open until October 2nd. After that time, we cannot guarantee that the CD/DVD will still be available for purchase, so order now to…


PledgeMusic Store closing 2nd October

We have decided to keep our PledgeMusic store open until the end of release week - it will be closing on October 2nd. This means that the countdown clock on PledgeMusic will show the wrong date - the CD/DVD will still be released on 25th September. This release will not be in shops and we cannot guarantee that it will be available for sale once the October 2nd deadline has passed. Please


Museum of Liverpool: Dazzle Ship installation

The Museum of Liverpool are planning to once again present the sound and light installation that we created in the Dazzle ship in the Canning Dry Dock on Oct 3rd and 4th this year. Booking starts on 7th Sept. More info to follow. We are trying to arrange a screening of the Museum of Liverpool gig in their theatre that weekend too. The ship will have extra Dazzle camouflage information onboard.


DVD release delayed

Apologies, We have had to postpone the release of the DVD by one week due to a delay in manufacture and the fact that Andy is now out of the country and unable to sign the product. We are sure that you will find the finished item well worth waiting for and once you see it you will understand the complexity of the manufacture. We hope to post pictures very soon. The DVD…