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OMD Live fan site

We're pleased to link to a wonderful fan site - Mark Crouch has collated an authoritative list of all our live performances, but there are still gaps and questions that people could help fill in. You can contact Mark using the contact form on his site if you have any information that would be helpful to him.


A Million Stars: Out Now

Andy has contributed vocals to the track "A Million Stars" from the soundtrack of the forthcoming film "The D Train". The song was written by Andrew Dost (of the band fun.) Additionally, the OMD track So In Love features on the soundtrack and the trailer. Buy A Million Stars here and learn more about the movie here


Liver Sketching Club

Andy has become a patron of The Liver Sketching Club, the oldest amateur art club in England. He was inspired to draw with a pencil for the first time in 30 years and thought that he would like to share his effort in the hope that it may encourage a few others to explore their creative capabilities. Click here for more information


Record Store Day

We are releasing a limited edition 10" for Record Store Day. The tracklisting is as follows A: Julia's Song (Dub Version) B: 10 to 1 Julia's Song (Dub Version) is a previously unreleased version that includes new parts and the Weir brothers on brass. 10 to 1 featured for the first time on the recent reissue of Junk Culture.  The 10" will be available from your local…

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Andy’s speech at the Dresden Prize, 14th February 2015

Perhaps you are wondering why two guys from Liverpool are here in Dresden today? Please let me tell you our story.   Liverpool gave…