• The New Stone Age
  • She’s Leaving
  • Souvenir
  • Sealand
  • Joan of Arc
  • Maid of Orleans
  • Architecture and Morality
  • Georgia
  • The Beginning and the End

Architecture & Morality

Architecture And Morality reached No. 3 in the UK charts and No. 1 in Belgium and Holland.
The New Stone Age was a radical departure from what people would expect from OMD with its use of guitars. The band were hoping people would take the record back to shops convinced it wasn’t OMD!


She’s Leaving, had a troubled history: the song had been written in January 1981 – and tried out on tour in Canada and France. But the band’s attempts to record it resulted in them getting bored very quickly. It was only when they discovered an old version recorded at The Gramophone Suite that they tried again. Recording at The Manor, they slowed it down and made it a bit simpler. This song was suggested as the fourth release by DinDisc but the band disagreed, concerned that they were exploiting the album.


Souvenir was the first single released from the album and is the first OMD single that features Paul Humphreys on lead vocals.


Sealand takes its title from a RAF base on the Wirral. Although the song isn’t about the location itself, Andy was struck by the visual strength of the name, which seemed to conjure up a striking image of a place between the land and the sea.


Joan Of Arc was the second single from the album.


Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans) was the third single from the album.


Architecture And Morality. “We wrote the whole thing in the Manor Studio in three days. We decided to call it Architecture And Morality and then proceeded to throw onto tape everything ‘architectural’ and ‘moral’ that we could think of. Over the three days we gradually added and subtracted all manner of sounds until we had made something from all the noises” OMD Newsletter 1981.


The band had written a song called Georgia for the album but decided they weren’t happy with the result and decided to shelve the song. They were happy with the title however and wrote a new song that they decided to name Georgia. The original Georgia was dusted down in 1988 and renamed Gravity Never Failed which featured as a B-Side to the single Dreaming.


The Beginning And The End was an old song dating from Andy and Paul’s VCLXI days. Back then, the band had problems in getting it to sound right and they remarked in an issue of the OMD Newsletter that the version used on the album was “quite successful” but that perhaps they would do it again differently in the future.


The sleeve design featured a square cut-out revealing the inner sleeve. Originally released in a yellow sleeve, the album was subsequently released in pale blue sleeve and a pale grey sleeve. It’s worth noting that there’s a slight variation with the blue sleeve release: On the matrix number on the runout groove it states DID12 A7 on side A and D1D12 B6 on side B.