• Bunker Soldiers
  • Almost
  • Mystereality
  • Electricity
  • The Messerschmitt Twins
  • Messages
  • Julia‚Äôs Song
  • Red Frame/White Light
  • Dancing
  • Pretending To See The Future

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Bunker Soldiers features a chorus that actually spells out the title ‘BUNKER SOLDIERS’ as random letters and the same letters translated into numbers.


Almost also featured as the B-Side to the single Electricity and the album version was used on the third release of the single.


Mystereality features saxophone by Martin Cooper.


Electricity is the same version featured on the third single release.


The Messerschmitt Twins takes its title from a nickname for Andy and Paul. The phrase popped into Andy’s head during the night prompting him to write a song about it. It was actually while researching Messerschmitts that Andy spotted a reference to the Enola Gay leading to fresh inspiration.


Messages is the original version and not the Mike Howlett produced single version.


Julia’s Song dates back to Andy and Paul’s time in The Id and features lyrics by Julia Kneale who was also in The Id at the time.


Red Frame/White Light was inspired by a telephone box used by the band outside The Railway Inn public house on the Wirral.


Dancing is an experimental piece whose unusual sound was created using Dalek I Love You’s Kawai synth.


Pretending To See The Future was written about being in the music industry and specifically about signing a record deal.