• Enola Gay
  • 2nd Thought
  • VCL XI
  • Motion and Heart
  • Statues
  • The Misunderstanding
  • The More I See You
  • Promise
  • Stanlow


Enola Gay was the only single released from the album.


VCLXI was the name of Andy and Paul’s early experimental partnership. The title actually comes from a number on a valve that features on the reverse of the sleeve for Kraftwerk’s album Radioactivity.


Motion And Heart was briefly considered as a possible second single and the band subsequently recorded a new version at Amazon Studios, Liverpool. This version featured on the B-Side of Souvenir.


The lyrics in Statues are partially about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division who died in May 1980 . OMD had played with Joy Division at early concerts and the band’s melancholic tunes had a profound effect during the recording of Organisation.


The Misunderstanding was an early song that dated back to OMD’s former incarnation as The Id.


The More I See You is a cover version of a song originally sung by Dick Hayes in the 1945 film Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe but was also a 60’s hit for Chris Montez. OMD’s version actually started out as a separate song but then Andy began singing the lyrics to The More I See You over the top and decided that they complemented each other.


Promise marked Paul Humphreys’ debut as lead vocalist on a song he had also written himself.


Stanlow is actually the name of an oil refinery located on the Wirral peninsula at Ellesmere Port. As well as Andy’s father and sister both working there, the breathtaking view of the refinery lit up at night was a welcome sight to the band when coming home from tours. The rhythmic intro is actually one of the diesel pumps at Stanlow recorded by Andy himself.